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How do you measure wealth?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

A year ago, I worked one of the most challenging weekends of my career, so much so that I resigned from my full-time position and went per diem. The decision did not come easily as I cared for my patients as if they were one of my own and felt committed to seeing their cases through to the end. Despite the difficulty and pain, when I look back, I know it was the best decision I made in my career. The following months brought much uncertainty and fear, overcast with the threat of being laid off. That threat became a reality that following November, the Monday before Thanksgiving. I didn’t feel so thankful on that following Thursday as I hosted my family; instead, feeling angry, bitter, frustrated, sad, scared, and overwhelmed. Yet still, a glimmer of hope flickered inside. I then decided to pick up the pieces of what felt like a new chance at life and dive into building the business I had dreamt of for so long. The months to follow were by no means easy, but they were beautiful in their way.

Despite the searing grief and pain of losing my job, I know that life is happening for me and can confidently say that it was one of the best things that happened to me. If I had not gone per diem the previous July, I would not have gotten my vacation time cashed out to me when I was laid off. Because of that fateful 4th of July weekend a year ago, I could make and save money to sustain myself after losing my job, and I was given a chance to live my life with joy, passion, and purpose! I will forever be eternally grateful for the events of this past year as they gave me my life back, showed me how strong I am, and opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities filled with hope and joy.

In the past, I measured success and wealth by the number of dollars in my bank and how many personal and career milestones I achieved. Reflecting on it, I have no regrets as I lived a life beyond what others have at 80—but I also don’t measure wealth and success as I once did. Health and wealth are not always observable with the eye. Many times, they are just the opposite; that in which the eye cannot see, deep within one’s soul.

I am the poorest yet the happiest I have been in 10 years. There is a richness of life that I have met in the last few months that I would never have met if I didn’t lose my job. There is so much more to life than working day in and day out, sacrificing your heart and soul for that of another person or organization. Practically speaking, we all have to work for the lifestyle we desire to live, but there are ways to do it where your soul is on fire, not suffocating!

As you go into the last half of 2022, I encourage you to reflect on how you have measured wealth. What life do you dream of living, and what are 1-3 things you could start doing today to make that become your reality? May you see your true potential, believe in yourself, and fully trust that pivoting into a life of joy is possible!



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