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Fullscript is an excellent resource for finding a variety of high-quality supplements, non-toxic personal care, and household products to support your body systems in functioning optimally. Wellevate and Emmerson Ecologic are in the process of merging with Fullscript.


To access the CellCore store, contact Margaret at for login info. CellCore has high-quality supplements that support individuals with tick-borne infections such as Lyme and toxicities from substances such as parasites, mold (mycotoxins), and heavy metals. 


Products are not suggested to be used without consultation and guidance from a practitioner. CellCore direct patient code: FfdGCIrk

Creating Balanced Health is an excellent tool in helping guide individuals to what is at the root of their imbalances. The Full Scan picks up on system performance, dietary, environmental, nutritional, toxin (i.e., mold, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and parasites), and hormonal imbalances. The scan also reveals what supplemental supports would be most beneficial for the individual per the scan results. 

**Click here to watch a tutorial of the testing process!**

Creating Balanced Health Coupon Codes:

howellhealthandwellness: $20 off any test

howellhealthandwellness5: $5 off the remedy order

howellhealthandwellnesssub: $5 off each monthly payment for the duration of a subscription

Norwex is a line of high-quality non-toxic personal and household products. They use BacLock technology in their clothes, an antibacterial agent designed to inhibit bacterial odor, mold, or mildew growth in microfiber products by using tiny silver fibers woven into the cloth. Norwex products do not contain any chemicals or cleaners, allowing you to nourish while maintaining a non-toxic environment at home.


*Click on the images above to check out what products would be best for your body and home!*

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