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Build a Life That Doesn’t Require a Therapist to Cope With Living

Have you ever felt like your chosen career sucked your soul so hard and dry that you had nothing left to give? Perpetual burnout was the norm of my life for so many years, and I convinced myself that performing as a nurse was a good thing as it was a sign that I was giving my absolute all. Even though I was giving my all, I didn’t realize till now how much of myself I was giving to the point of my demise. To cope with it all and life, I found myself a therapist, which was hands down the absolute best decision I ever made for myself.

In the following months of seeing my counselor, I became more aware of myself, my tendencies, and how they affected me. I was furthermore empowered to start making decisions for myself that took care of and benefited me. About ten months into seeing her, I was serendipitously laid off. The following months felt tumultuous, heavily laced with uncertainty, confusion, grief, and fear of possible further loss. As I went along, those feelings dissipated well, reinforcing that life is happening for me rather than to me.

This past week I realized that I am in a place where my monthly therapy appointments don’t feel necessary, as my life is bringing me joy. I’m also not working full-time as a nurse anymore, working as a sub-nurse in a few schools, but mainly working in marketing for a business with co-workers that genuinely care about me and are teaching me the importance of having fun and how to do it. This realization has made me reconsider how I have been visualizing my life and career goals, as well as what I truly want for the future of my life. Though I am no closer to knowing what I want for my life—as it seems to keep changing like the weather—I know that I am happy with what I am doing and want to live a life filled with joy and laughter!

As you choose the direction of your career and life, make sure it does not require a therapist to cope with and is one that brings you energy and joy! You deserve to live a life that brings you laughter, happiness, purpose, and satisfaction!



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